Calls for Research

INSPIRE issues calls to commission and amplify gold-standard and decision-useful research, supporting the NGFS’s four Workstreams and two Task Forces in their delivery of the 2022 – 2024 work program.

General FAQ

When is the deadline to submit research proposals?
The deadline for submitting proposals is 23:59 BST on Tuesday, 2 January 2024.
Can I submit proposals that do not directly address any of INSPIRE’S research priorities?
INSPIRE’s October 2023 call for proposal targets one specific research area, namely on the implications of nature-loss, deforestation and land-use change on macroeconomic stability. Proposals should target the field of research that is outlined in the Call for Proposals document and stress their contribution and relevance to the work of monetary and financial market authorities.
What is the size of grants INSPIRE seeks to award?
In this targeted call, INSPIRE aims to support projects with budgets between $15,000-$35,000.
Who can submit proposals?
This call is open to all institutions conducting research, with a particular focus on researchers at academic institutions, non-profit organisations, NGOs, and international financial and monetary institutions. All funded research will have to become publicly available.
When will I hear back whether my submission was successful or not?
INSPIRE aims to give feedback on submissions within one month after the submission deadline.
How does the review process work?
After submission, a group of reviewers will assess the overall quality, policy-relevance and research methodology of the proposals and then collectively decide whether it recommends funding the proposed project to the ClimateWorks Foundation. In case of an unsuccessful application, INSPIRE will try to give feedback to encourage further contributions to potential future calls for research.